Friday, May 20, 2011

The Journey Continues, With Wild Boys Characters

Drawing from local history in the Okanagan Valley, River Lewis creates a storyline based on the 'wild boys' who had run away from California one summer and played unsocialized characters living wild in the North Okanagan area. This ink drawing entitled 'Looking Glass', featured in Lewis' solo show 'BLACK AND WHITE' at the Brew Gallery, has incorporated additional ambiguous parts where a third character (after Constable Henry Proce) has grown into the conglomerated figures. The story and images are an artistic and mathematical play by the Okanagan artist on how complex first impressions and relationships can be. 'Looking Glass' asks the viewer to consider what it would be like to be one or all of the characters.

In a moment of reaction, perceptions and subsequent outcomes can change significantly. The ancient medium of brush and ink drawing parallels the balance required in personal relations. The series of drawings by River Lewis is an hommage to how the North Okanagan community cared for and embraced the 'wild boys'.

Other drawings in the show include:

'Wild Boys Make Shelter'

'Sky Scene'

'The Journey Begins'

'Building Support'

and 'Come Together'.

The Okanagan Artist's show runs at the Brew Gallery until June 10th.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"BLACK AND WHITE" Exhibit Opens Featuring Brush and Ink Drawings by River Lewis

Referencing the local history of the 'wild boys' who appeared in the Coldstream and Vernon area some years ago, the exhibition is suggestive of the complexity of interpersonal relationships. Silhouetted black and white imagery gives a general first impression of shapes familiar and unfamiliar. As when trying to view in bright light or dim light, information comes gradually allowing us to compare with the knowledge we bring to a new setting or event.

It is a play on the theme of 'BLACK AND WHITE' and how we perceive. The exhibition runs from May 10 to June 10, 2011. Brew Gallery is located inside the Bean to Brew Coffee House, next door to the Vernon Public Art Gallery.