Wednesday, December 7, 2011


The Brew Gallery is the North Okanagan's newest art space in Downtown Vernon BC and is pleased to open its sixth exhibition in the main gallery space, featuring a variety of portrait and global images from local photographers.

With compelling photographs, both natural and staged, the display offers subject matter to engage the viewer emotionally. Exhibiting artists are Barbara Bryant, Dominik Dlouhy, Douglas Lee, Jackie Lowrie, Christiane Molendyk.

The photography exhibit will run from Thursday December 1 to Friday December 30 in the Brew Gallery Main. The Brew Gallery is a dedicated gallery space located in Downtown Vernon inside the Bean To Brew Coffee House, next door to the Vernon Public Art Gallery.

Thursday, November 17, 2011


Artists and groups of artists are invited to submit exhibition proposals of 2-D work for the Brew Gallery 2012 Calendar Year. The Brew Gallery exhibits new and emerging artists from an egalitarian perspective. Shows from open submissions are granted based on merit of community relevance and artistic strength.

The gallery currently has two rooms for exhibitions:
Main Gallery: approximately 60 feet of excellent walls 7' high.
Fireside Gallery: approximately 12 feet suitable for 4-10 small to medium works.

VIA ELECTRONIC: single PDF file containing all materials to
VIA HARDCOPY (printed images, no discs): mail/drop off to 3202 31st Ave., Vernon BC V1T2H3,

* Submissions must be received by the deadline of December 10th, 2011.
* a description of the intended 2-D exhibition
* indicate the room (Main Gallery or Fireside)
* artist(s) names, contact info, artist/group statement, bios
* 10-20 images relevant to the exhibition
* Attention: River Lewis, Brew Gallery Curator

Abstract Acrylics Students In the Main Gallery

A fun show of student work from the Vernon Community Arts Centre featuring abstract works on paper. The exhibition continues until November 30th.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Brew Gallery's Fireside Room Opens First Exhibit

The Brew Gallery is pleased to open it's Fireside Room in the Bean To Brew Coffee House with an exhibition of four intuitive paintings by Satyama Lasby.

The acrylic paintings are painted "for expression, as a meditation, a way to focus" says Lasby who also facilitates mandala workshops and therapeutic intuitive painting sessions for young people and adults.

The colourful and organic artworks will be on exhibit at the Brew Gallery from November 10 until December 30.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Okanagan Artists Open Brew Gallery's Latest Exhibit 'Noire'

Currently exhibiting at the Brew Gallery are  M.L. Hall from Lake Country, Jackie Lowrie from Vernon, and Summerland artists Scott Hagen, Michael Hermesh, Carol Hermesh, and Ed Eaton. 'Noire'
is open until October 21.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

'NOIRE' Featuring 8 Okanagan Artists On Now Until October 21st

Currently showing at the Brew Gallery is an intriguing exhibition on a noire theme by eight talented Okanagan artists from Vernon, Lake Country, Summerland and Penticton.

Images containing hidden narratives solicit a dialogue between the viewer and the artworks, engagin with mystery, tension and subdued lighting that evoke a unique experience for each visitor.

Come meet artists, and join us for a fun opening reception on Saturday September 17th from 11:00am to 1:00pm! The restaurant will be open for refreshments and lunch.

NOIRE Preview at the Brew Gallery Downtown Vernon

"Chrysalis" photograph by Theresa  Stranack and "Montparnasse" oil on linen by Scott Hagen featured at the Brew Gallery until October 21.

"Totality 1 & 2" by M.L. Hall and "Underwaternoir" by Johann Wessels.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

OPENING RECEPTION of 'NOIRE' Exhibition @ The Brew Gallery Sat. September 17th

The 'Noire' Exhibition Opening reception will be on Saturday September 17th from 11:00am to 1:00pm at the Brew Gallery Downtown Vernon.

You are invited! Please join us for a fun meet and greet of eight artists from Vernon, Lake Country, Summerland and Penticton in the Okanagan Valley. The theme of 'Noire' inspires mystery, intrigue, and hidden narratives reflected in superb artworks including portraits, scapes, abstract, mixed media, digital art and photography. On display from September 12 to October 14 are works by Ed Eaton, Johann Wessels, Scott Hagen, M.L. Hall, Carol Hermesh, Michael Hermesh, Jackie Lowrie and Theresa Stranack.

Location Information:
3202 31st Ave in Bean To Brew (next door to Vernon Public Art Gallery)
Downtown Vernon, British Columbia

Saturday the 17th 11:00 @ The Brew Gallery, meet and celebrate eight Okanagan artists and their thought-provoking artwork on the theme 'Noire'. We would love to see you there! Please SHARE this event invitation & invite your friends.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


August 16, 2011

Exhibit: "Noire" at the Brew Gallery from September 12 to October 14 2011

The Brew Gallery is the North Okanagan's newest art space in Downtown Vernon BC and is pleased to announce this opportunity for artists to participate in it's 5th show 'Noire'.

Deadline Monday September 5 Open Call to Artists for the upcoming exhibition 'Noire' at the Brew Gallery Downtown Vernon. Please submit 1-3 photos of your dark(noire) images with hidden or emerging subject matter suitable for an all ages audience. Suitable media includes 2-dimensional works in photography, digital art, drawing, painting, mixed media.

* Electronic submissions may be emailed to

* Posted or drop off submissions on CD or photoprint may be delivered to
Brew Gallery c/o Bean to Brew Coffee House
3202 31st Avenue
Vernon BC V1T2H3

* Submissions should include:
- Artist Name,
- Bio and/or CV and/or Artist Statement,
- Your images in .jpg format no larger than 1024 pixels wide per image,
- Title/Medium/Year/ for each image,
- Return SASE if requesting your submission material to be returned,

The exhibit of selected work will run from Monday September 12 to Friday October 14. Opening reception will be from 11:00am to 1:00pm Saturday September 17. The Brew Gallery is located in Downtown Vernon inside the Bean To Brew Coffee House, next door to the Vernon Public Art Gallery.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

'MOVING FORWARD' Photographs by Jackie Lowrie Opens July 26

Travel, movement, complexity of nature have been captured through the lens and depicted in Jackie Lowrie's present work. Photography became a part of Jackie's life when she was given a brownie camera at age ten. Currently on exhibit are 26 captivating images including architectural and natural subjects.

The exhibition runs from July 26 to September 2, 2011. Brew Gallery is located inside the Bean to Brew Coffee House at 3202 - 31st Avenue, next door to the Vernon Public Art Gallery. Open Monday - Friday 7:00am to 4:00pm and Saturdays 9:00am to 3:00pm.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Brew Gallery New Hours - Open Saturday

Owners Franz and Margot are pleased to have the restaurant and gallery open now on Saturdays! Come have lunch, coffee, ice cream, and enjoy the fabulous art all around Downtown Vernon!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Artworks Flirt With Dream Theme of "Parallel Existence" June 16 - July 22 @ Brew Gallery

'Don't Crop My Dream', a mixed media work on paper by Halifax artist Mitchell Wiebe, is shown alongside a series of acrylic paintings by Siva Pillay of Calgary.

'Divine Nuance' by Mithcell Wiebe

'A Man With Great Insects Has Great Insight' by Mitchell Wiebe sums up unusual association in the subconscious and entices viewers to ponder the significance of dreams.

'Tranquility' by River Lewis of Vernon BC is a recollection of peaceful states dreaming and waking, where light seems to be sourced from all things.

'One For The Ladies' by River Lewis

'The Wish' by River Lewis

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

'PARALLEL EXISTENCE' New Artworks About Dreaming Opens June 16

Some cultures believe the dream world is just as real as the waking world. With a creative departure beginning from this viewpoint, Halifax artist Mitchell Wiebe, Calgary artist Siva Pillay, and Vernon artist River Lewis have bridged the two worlds in mixed media drawings and paintings. Fantastical characters emerge with unpredictable storylines and the stage is set for transporting the viewer through visual art experience.

The exhibition runs from June 16 to July 22, 2011. Brew Gallery is located inside the Bean to Brew Coffee House at 3202 - 31st Avenue, next door to the Vernon Public Art Gallery.

Friday, May 20, 2011

The Journey Continues, With Wild Boys Characters

Drawing from local history in the Okanagan Valley, River Lewis creates a storyline based on the 'wild boys' who had run away from California one summer and played unsocialized characters living wild in the North Okanagan area. This ink drawing entitled 'Looking Glass', featured in Lewis' solo show 'BLACK AND WHITE' at the Brew Gallery, has incorporated additional ambiguous parts where a third character (after Constable Henry Proce) has grown into the conglomerated figures. The story and images are an artistic and mathematical play by the Okanagan artist on how complex first impressions and relationships can be. 'Looking Glass' asks the viewer to consider what it would be like to be one or all of the characters.

In a moment of reaction, perceptions and subsequent outcomes can change significantly. The ancient medium of brush and ink drawing parallels the balance required in personal relations. The series of drawings by River Lewis is an hommage to how the North Okanagan community cared for and embraced the 'wild boys'.

Other drawings in the show include:

'Wild Boys Make Shelter'

'Sky Scene'

'The Journey Begins'

'Building Support'

and 'Come Together'.

The Okanagan Artist's show runs at the Brew Gallery until June 10th.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"BLACK AND WHITE" Exhibit Opens Featuring Brush and Ink Drawings by River Lewis

Referencing the local history of the 'wild boys' who appeared in the Coldstream and Vernon area some years ago, the exhibition is suggestive of the complexity of interpersonal relationships. Silhouetted black and white imagery gives a general first impression of shapes familiar and unfamiliar. As when trying to view in bright light or dim light, information comes gradually allowing us to compare with the knowledge we bring to a new setting or event.

It is a play on the theme of 'BLACK AND WHITE' and how we perceive. The exhibition runs from May 10 to June 10, 2011. Brew Gallery is located inside the Bean to Brew Coffee House, next door to the Vernon Public Art Gallery.

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Beth Haggerty's 'New View' (left) is a lesson in digital collage made up from four separate images. A breakdown of the Summerland BC artist's process is shown alongside the exhibit in the gallery's documentation.

A closer look at the variety of digital artwork exhibited in the Brew Gallery - Ed Eaton of Summerland's 'Auto Select' a digital design on canvas, digitally generated 'Embrace' by Cherie Hanson (left), and 'Kelsa Dunes - Mojave Desert' -- a digitally enhanced photograph by Oliver BC photographer Merle Somerville (center).

Larry Hunter's Okanagan Suite of three retro style digitally rendered graphic designs depict the flavour of holiday lifestyles of the past. The Penticton BC artist's work shown here are digital prints on canvas.

Digital work by Ed Eaton (Filters), River Lewis (Generation 010), and Beth Haggerty (Bee).

The variety of digital works has been enjoyed by visitors of the Brew Gallery, with additional description of the artists' digital processes in artist statements. Curator River Lewis asked each artist to describe the equipment and methods used to create the artworks, allowing visitors a chance to learn about digital collage and montage, digital photo editing, and the combinations of tools that were used in production.

Carol Hermesh is exhibiting two digital photo montages (Elegant Dreamer, left, and The Transients, right) along with 'Red Swirl' by Kelowna artist Cherie Hanson.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


The North Okanagan's newest art space opened today, featuring a wide variety of digital artwork by seven artists from Summerland, Penticton, Oliver, Kelowna, and Vernon. The BREW GALLERY is a dynamic gallery space located in the Bean To Brew Coffee House in Downtown Vernon British Columbia. Located at 3202 31st Avenue, next door to the Vernon Public Art Gallery, patrons can enjoy computer generated art as well as creative works derived from digital photography.

Featured artists in the gallery's first show include Ed Eaton, Beth Haggerty, Cherie Hanson, Carol Hermesh, Larry Hunter, River Lewis, and Merle Somerville.

The BREW GALLERY is curated by River Lewis, who is currently working on assembling five more group and solo shows to follow Digital Worlds. Future calls for submissions will be posted to this website for themed shows. Artists wishing to have their work considered for display in 2012 are asked to contact River Lewis by email before October 1st: